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What Is a Seminary?

In the middle Ages, the word seminary originally meant seed plot.  It was used by gardeners for those places designated in the nurseries as the most profitable and secure for planting seeds and nurturing young plants until they were transplanted outdoors.

Eventually, the word became used for places of training where ministry students were nurtured and equipped before being "transplanted" to vocational ministry outdoors.  Well,...almost.  Having spent most of my life indoors, I can still appreciate the concept.

What a privilege it is to see Christ - the Lord of His church - use Shepherds Theological Seminary as a place where pastors, missionaries, teachers and Christian leaders are being nurtured, trained and instructed with the greatest truths imaginable.

I love working with these servant leaders in the making.  I love hearing their questions and listening to them debate the latest issues.  But what I love most is the opportunity to encourage them along the way as they grow - tending to them while they prepare to stand one day on their own, transplanted by the Lord to that unique ministry He's prepared for them.

For His Glory,

Stephen Davey, D.D.

President Shepherds Theological Seminary



Shepherds Theological Seminary provides all academic teaching at The WEST Institute.