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The WEST Institute

Welcome to The City

The City is a program that we have purchased to help connect various groups within The WEST Institute. It will help develop and maintain communication between staff, students, alumni, and donor partners. Depending on your connection to The WEST Institute you may be invited to join anywhere from 1-4 private groups. We have groups for alumni, each individual class, heart study groups, and Stewardship Program participants and donors. Within these groups you can share prayer requests, upload photos, create events, and much more. 

Getting Started

You will receive an email invitation inviting you to join The City. Please follow the link in the email and create your new profile. You will need to complete the sign-up form and then agree to The City's terms of use. Once you have created your account, please take a few moments to update your profile by uploading a photo of yourself and answering the provided questions.

Using The City

Once your profile is complete you are ready to start using The City. For the sake of privacy, all groups in The City are private and can only be joined by an email invitation from a group leader. Please check your emails and use the provided links to join all groups you have been invited to. For each group you can customize how often you receive push notifications and emails.

The City can be used through a computer web browser or through an app installed on your phone. Once you log in you should be taken directly to the homepage. If you ever need to return to this homepage you can simply click on The WEST Institute logo in the upper left corner. Using the tabs on the homepage you can do everything from access a personal prayer list to post topics, events, and prayer needs within specific groups. We invite you to get familiar with The City and use it often!