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The Bible Institute meets Monday-Friday, 6 am- 8 am, and is at its core a guided tour of the entire Bible.   We work verse-by-verse through the Bible in a chronological order, seeking to demonstrate the continuity of the Scripture and watch as God's plan unfolds.  

This class is not offered for academic credit, but seeks to equip men and women to better understand the whole of Scripture. Students in the Masters program at The WEST Institute are strongly encouraged to attend the Bible Institute classes every morning. The Bible Institute is also open to Laramie Valley Chapel members, University of Wyoming and Laramie County Community students, and anyone else looking to dedicate a year to studying God's Word from cover to cover. The class is also made available to those who do not live in Laramie through live streaming. 

The Bible Institute will systematically walk students through the Bible to help provide a good biblical foundation for teaching, leading, and living one's life. This program does not provide housing and does not include any outdoor training or access to the gear rental program available through our Masters program.  


$1000 tuition PLUS a $50 supplies fee. The full tuition is due regardless of a students faithful attendance or withdrawal from the Bible Institute. We allow a 2 week drop window to start the year during which a student can drop out and owe nothing. After that period the student is expected to pay the full tuition. The tuition may be paid in full or quarterly. Please talk to us if you have a unique situation regarding any of this.

The WEST Institute Master's Student/Spouse - Free

People who have previously paid for the Bible Institute - Free - Please note that space may be limited for returning students.

*We are committed to finances not keeping anyone from the study.  Please fill out the scholarship portion of the application if this is a concern.


The Bible Institute will meet Monday-Friday each week following the University of Wyoming Academic Calendar.  We match the University's academic schedule to make it easier on both college students and Laramie residents who have children in the local school system.  Classes begin in early September, and the entire course will end when finals end in May.  The Bible Institute will break for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.